Our Stories

Stephanie’s Story

It was brilliant because it was all confidential… he never knew I came in here. It really, really helped me. The support I got was brilliant,” she says.

Meet Delia

It’s all about the company at the community Lunch Clubs. I look forward to going there. I would encourage anyone to go there.

Sifelani’s Story

Sifelani always looks on the bright side of life. She believes that whenever problems arise, it means that blessings are on their way.

Meet Noel

“A lot of stuff happened in one go and put me into a position where I became homeless. I was forced into it, it wasn’t by choice.

‘If I could choose a job…I would choose COPE Galway’ – Áine & Richard Hickey

Mother and son Áine and Richard Hickey have helped to make thousands of nutritious meals for older people over the...

‘You’re doing something for the people of Galway’ – Senan, Charity Shop Volunteer

I love doing it because I’m helping out where possible and I just enjoy the experience of volunteering. It’s a totally new thing for me but I enjoy it”

‘An encouraging word means a lot’ – Tom Burke, Volunteer Driver

As important as the meal itself is, it’s also the fact that you’re contacting people who are living on their own - a form of regular contact for them...” - Tom, Volunteer Driver.

‘It’s my home in Galway’ – Aoife Barrett, Volunteer Arts Facilitator, Sonas Day Centre

I absolutely love going in there. They’re so welcoming. It’s a real family environment. It’s a little small space but there’s really nice, warm energy in there.

‘Volunteering is about giving, but you get so much out of it’ – Mary

Volunteering is about giving but you also get so much out of it in terms of friendship and the people you meet.

Saibh’s story

Volunteer profile of Saibh Egan, Food Rescue Volunteer with Community Catering. A native of Galway, Saibh Egan has been volunteering...

Sandra’s Story

It was a long and arduous road that ended with *Sandra, a 48-year-old mother-of-four, sleeping out on the streets of Galway.

Niamh’s Story

“Niamh” (not her real name) and her partner were together for over 15 years. Looking back now, still shaken, she...