Our Stories

Stories from our clients, supporters, volunteers, staff and all who are part of the COPE Galway community.

We’re Safe. We’re Going To Be Okay – Gillian’s Journey #5

Three months on, I sleep better. The service helped me to see that it was my strength that has made me face up to this.

I don’t know what happens next, I don’t know how to fix this – Gillian’s Journey #4

‘I want it to stop, I want to disappear’. With these words from Jake I decide to call again. I can’t bear his pain and my own.

This can’t be happening to me – Gillian’s Journey #3

‘I could not believe this was happening to me, it can’t be true, he loves me and I love him.’ ...

I think I’m fine – but what about the kids? – Gillian’s Journey #2

My children are everything. I make sure they have good routines – good play time, lots of outdoors, good diet...

This isn’t abuse…is it? – Gillian’s Journey #1

“As I listen to the radio, I go into a trance, hearing this woman talk about her relationship with her partner.

Our Stories – Volunteer Life Coach, Brendan Coyne

Brendan Coyne has been a life coach with COPE Galway since last September. He meets with clients to help individuals...

Darragh’s Story – The less visible victim of domestic abuse

COPE Galway works with teenage boys and girls, offering one-to-one or group support and helping them find a safe space to think, to breathe, to be.

Sleeping in a tent was a wake-up call – Michael’s Story

Michael had been sleeping in a tent for three weeks, unaware of the services available to him before he got support from our Homeless Service.

Sorcha and Michael – Helping Hands at Home

Sorcha and American retiree Michael struck up a friendship through our Helping Hands at Home project which connects older clients with volunteers.

Phil, Kathleen & Dave – Lunch Club Volunteers

Hailing from Boston, Mayo and Sligo, these three COPE Galway  volunteers come together each Thursday to help run the Mervue...

Lil’s Story – volunteering in Community Catering

“I enjoy all parts of the work, it’s all equally important. From peeling vegetables to cooking to cleaning, everyone’s of the same mind. No job is too small.

Meet Martin – Senior Support Service Volunteer Driver

For some COPE Galway volunteers, one role within the organisation quickly leads to another. Martin is a volunteer driver with our Senior Support Service.