Our Stories

Stories from our clients, supporters, volunteers, staff and all who are part of the COPE Galway community.

Processing grief through art with Senior Support Service users

Breda saw the importance of working directly with service users to continuously develop ideas and the importance of sourcing funding for those ideas.

Meet volunteer Ailish – “I’ve gained a new perspective on homelessness”

I found it’s a great experience, I’ve learned a lot through doing it, and you can make a difference in someone’s day! 

Domestic Abuse is not always physical… it can be a lot more subtle than that.

It was always him being angry at me, shouting at me, calling me names, me crying and then he wouldn’t speak to me for a few days.

People needed to talk after that first lockdown – Marco’s Story

My motivation for volunteering was to help people. It’s a charity shop, so it’s fundraising for a good purpose.

Over twenty years delivering nutritious meals, a smile and a friendly chat

His spirit and good humour meant clients could always look forward to a smile and friendly chat as well as a nutritious meal.

Meet Alice, a shining example of positivity and resilience throughout Covid-19

I’m trying to learn Zoom as well, now that’s something we didn’t grow up with... It’s amazing the amount of people you try and keep in touch with.

You realise time is actually very precious

Mary’s background running her own catering company stood her in good stead when she started out with COPE Galway.

The future looks bright for Trish and her daughter

Trish looks forward to a new phase of her life, in her new home that she loves, after some traumatic years which saw her become homeless.

Taking on a half-marathon, cold dip and shaving his beard to ‘give back a little’

The city and the people who grew up in it need to be taken care of, so it was about giving back in that little way - Diarmuid's Story

Becoming homeless during a pandemic

Finding yourself homeless is one of the most stressful things a person will ever face, but becoming homeless during a pandemic adds extra challenges.

Corporate Partnership Story – Pale Blue Dot Recruitment & COPE Galway

I firmly believe that our clients appreciate our values and what the company represents through our charity work – Anthony Griffin, Pale Blue Dot Recruitment.

A phone call can go a long way

COPE Galway’s TIME to Care programme is an amazing way to build a new connection or relationship with someone you might never have met otherwise