Fundraise at Your School

Would you like to get your class or school involved in raising funds to support COPE Galway?

There are plenty of fun ways your school can get involved and raise vital funds for our homeless, domestic abuse and senior support services.

Get your school or class involved in fun and engaging fundraising events or activities. They can help raise funds to support other children while also learning useful skills and engaging with their communities.

Whether you have a fundraising idea or are looking for fun ideas, our fundraising team is on hand to help. We can provide resources and tips to help make your fundraising event or activity fun, educational and memorable.

We’ve put together a handy ‘School Fundraising Guide’ with ideas, tips and guidelines to help make sure your school fundraiser is fun and impactful experience.

Fundraising ideas for your school

Crazy Hair Day

Go crazy with your hair for COPE Galway. Do the wackiest hair styles, ask for donations and vote for the craziest hair.

Shave or Dye

Challenge your teachers or students to shave the heads or dye their hair.

Collect Your Coppers

Invite your class to bring in coins and extra change from home, family and friends.

Sponsored Silence

How long can your class stay silent? A day, afternoon, an hour? Raise money and make it a competition to see who lasts the longest.

Gaming Tournament

Kids love games. Xboxes, PlayStations, card or board games. Online or in-person. Gaming nights are great fun.

Talent Shows

Talent shows or competitions are a great way to raise money and give students a chance to show their creativity and skills. Ask for entry fee or donations.

Sleep Out

Sleep outs are great for teachers or secondary school students. We have resources to make your sleep out fun and memorable.

Pay in your fundraising

Thank you for fundraising for COPE Galway! You can pay in your fundraising online, or contact our fundraising for information on other ways to send funds raised.

Contact our Fundraising Team

Talk to us about your fundraising event and find out how we can support you. Call, email or send us a message.

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