Fundraise at Work

Gather your colleagues and raise vital funds for COPE Galway.

Fundraising at work is a great way to join us make a real, lasting difference in our community, while also enhancing your work relationships and strengthening your team.

There are lots of ways creative, fun and innovative ways to fundraise. You can come up with your own ideas or try out one of ideas ‘fundraising at work’ ideas we have below. Do get in touch with our fundraising team who will get you resources and support you so your fundraised is successful and positively memorable.

However you choose to fundraise at work, your contribution will change the lives of people who are homeless, women experiencing domestic abuse, and older people who need social and nutritional support.

Fundraising ideas for your workplace

Job Swap

Sponsor your manager to do a stint on reception. Or how about auctioning the big boss’s job for a couple of hours? People are bound to pay good money for the perks of being top dog in the workplace. 

Get Fit Challenge

Choose a goal – 80km run over 4 weeks or 1,500 crunches over a month. Create a shared channel/space for colleagues to compare progress and encourage one another.  

Sleep Out

Spend a night braving the elements in a work car park or open space.

Time is money

So, give up some valuable sleep and it’ll pay dividends. Challenge colleagues to roll into work early for a week and get your managers to sponsor you. Or do the opposite and raffle/auction off a duvet day instead. 

Payroll giving

Does your workplace offer Payroll Giving? It is a super simple, tax-effective way for employees to give to COPE Galway directly from their pay cheque. 


Ask colleagues to donate prizes or unwanted gifts and then sell as many tickets as you can! 

Unwanted gift swap

Did you receive bath salts from Aunty Mary again at Christmas? Then why not round up all your colleagues to do a big unwanted gift swap? Everyone can pay €1 to pick a new present, and someone’s bound to go for your bath salts. It’s probably best not to invite Aunty Mary, though. 

Do it your way

None of these fundraising ideas tickle your fancy? Then raise money your way for COPE Galway and let us know if there is anything we can do to help. 

Pay in your fundraising

Thank you for fundraising for us! Pay in your fundraising online, or contact us for other ways to send in your fundraising.

Contact our Fundraising Team

Talk to us about your fundraising event and find out how we can support you. Call, email or send us a message.

Make a Donation Today

Your donation will help provide vital support services for people who are homeless, women facing domestic abuse and older people in our community.

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