New ‘City of Tribes’ mural unveiled

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New ‘City of Tribes’ mural unveiled


Residents of Fairgreen Hostel teamed up with local artist, Tracey Moca, last July to create the ‘City of Tribes’ mural.

The mural, which celebrates all things Galway, has transformed the side of the hostel building facing Fairgreen Road.

The project was a collaborative effort led by the artist. Tracey consulted with the residents of Fairgreen Hostel to put together the mural design.

Tracey worked on the project with residents and within two weeks they had created an incredible piece of visual art they are all deeply proud of.

“The Fairgreen Hostel residents have created a wonderful tribute to Galway,” Tracey said. “Their commitment and engagement with the project has been fantastic. Thanks to the guys for all their
kindness, hard work and generosity on this, and for giving the Galway community such a beautiful gift!”
Paudie Cunningham, Fairgreen Team Leader, said the project gave residents a real sense of purpose and ownership of their space, and encouraged some to think about pursuing a career in either painting or art.

We are thrilled the team is getting so much positive feedback and appreciation from the community.
Brian Nolan of Walking Tours Galway, said he had “watched the progress of the mural with great interest and delight”, and congratulated the team on a job well done, brightening up the space.

It’s isolating being homeless, and this brought us together. It is always great to be a part of something from start to finish. It’d be good to do it again because people have really enjoyed it.”
Fairgreen resident

    The project was funded by Galway City Council and Creative Ireland, and supported by T. O’Higgins Homevalue who donated paints and other materials

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