Our Strategy

Working Together Toward Home and Community

COPE Galway Strategy, 2016-2018

Our strategic plan is structured around 4 key strategic objectives and sets out how we intend to work towards achieving our vision and mission.

COPE Galway’s vision is for an improved quality of life, in a home of their own, for people affected by homelessness, women and children experiencing domestic violence and older people in the community.

We believe that by working in partnership with stakeholders within the organisation, the community and nationally, we can achieve the key strategic objectives outlined below.

Our key strategic objectives are:

  • Delivering Services
  • Advocating for Change
  • Developing our Organisation
  • Developing Revenue

Our key strategic objectives

Delivering Outcomes

Ongoing delivery and further development of services which improve the quality of life of our clients in their own homes. This involves refocusing activity toward a community model of service, with increased focus on outreach, preventative and in-community support.

  • Developing services
  • Improving service quality
  • Measuring the impact of our services

Advocating for Change

Maintaining a consistently strong and high public profile, and using COPE Galway’s reputation and networks to influence the development and application of policy in areas affecting the people we work with.

  • Advocating for political and social change
  • Maintain our public profile aligned with our advocacy campaigns.

Developing our Organisation

Ensuring that open dialogue, meaningful engagement, and opportunities for leadership, contribution and a sense of empowerment is fostered and supported across the organisation so that staff, volunteers and clients understand and feel part of achieving our vision.

  • Improve client involvement opportunities
  • Staff development
  • Volunteer development

Developing Revenue

Ensure COPE Galway has sufficient funds across diverse and dependable income streams, to ensure that we can continuously deliver services, and work towards realising our vision.

  • Grow non-statutory income
  • Develop new commercial income streams
  • Develop and oversee fundraising income streams

Annual Report

Read our Annual Report for information and stories of how we are delivering our strategy for COPE Galway.

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