COPE Galway Strategy 2020-2025

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Making a Difference




Strategic Priorities 2020-2025

Our Strategy 2020 -2025 focuses on six key priorities, which are supported by objectives outlined at an organisational level and further developed across our service areas.

Prevention and Early Engagement

Increasing our capacity to develop and deliver effective approaches and programmes that empower people, at all life stages, to make decisions and choices that reduce risk and create positive new opportunities and prospects.


Maintaining our capacity to deliver appropriate, high-quality and effective services to the people we work with in accordance with the COPE Galway Approach.

Our People

Prioritising the well being and development of our staff and volunteers by ensuring they have access to the supports, opportunities and training that they need to maintain and improve the quality of our services within recognised quality standards frameworks.


Working in solidarity with individuals and families, advocating at local,  regional, and national level for systemic change to challenge chronic cycles of disadvantage; advocating for greater empowerment of each person to determine decisions that affect their lives.


Making a positive difference to the lives and hopes of each person we work with; demonstrating this impact to secure support for ongoing progress.

Sustainable Funding Model

Achieving a more sustainable funding model that is fit for purpose and adequately resourced by the State to ensure continuity of delivery of our essential social services as a fundamental element in the delivery of our strategy.

COPE Galway Strategy 2020-2025

Making a Difference: Empowering People, Creating Change, Strengthening Communities.

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