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“If I were a stronger woman, he wouldn’t dare hit me…”

Our Domestic Abuse Service Manager, Dr Carol Baumann, writes about the strength and resilience of women who survive domestic abuse...

So what are we doing about this?!

  One in five women in Ireland will be abused by a partner at some point in their lives. One...

Pregnant women will never be abused

Credible statistics prove that it is a myth that pregnant women will never be abused and this should be treated as a fallacy.

Domestic violence only happens to poor people

  “Women from all backgrounds attend domestic violence services… Many of the women’s partners or spouses work in law, politics...

Whose fault is it? Is it me?

The fault lies solely with the person who chooses to abuse. The target of that abuse can never be at fault.

There is no abuse in same sex relationships

Abuse in intimate relationships is about power and control. People in same-sex relationships are not exempt from this abuse.

Is abuse just a part of this culture?

The use of religion or culture is never an acceptable reason to perpetrate violence against women. 

I was looking at another man – that’s why he hit me

It is never alright to hit another person.  It is never alright to believe that by ‘looking’ at another man, you somehow deserved to be hit. 

He only hurts me when he’s been drinking

When a man hurts or abuses a woman he is making a clear choice to do so – drunk or not.

He only hits me when the children are in bed – they know nothing about it

When abuse occurs at home, children are very much aware of what is happening and will be affected by this.

Can he be a good father if he’s abusive to me, his partner?

When a father is a perpetrator of domestic abuse and violence, it will affect his parenting in a negative way.

An abused woman must like the abuse – otherwise she’d leave him.

There are many reasons why a woman does not or cannot leave in abusive relationships but none of them includes ‘liking’ the abuse.