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Rough Sleeper Outreach – Delivering teas and coffees to start conversations, build relationships and trust.

David Byrne, Advocacy and Policy and Outreach Service worker, writes about a recent development made possible by the recruitment of new volunteers.

Solas Óg – Supporting children and young people in our Domestic Abuse Service

Children and young people need their own space to process their experiences, tools to help them cope and someone to support them along their journey.

We must begin looking at how best to address poverty for our most vulnerable

As we progress into a post Covid society, we must begin looking at how best to address poverty for our most vulnerable. Universal basic income could be one way of doing this.

Staying Safe during a pandemic – When you don’t have a home

14 March 2020 is a day I look back to as the most important date for efforts at a local level in Galway to safeguard people who were homeless and particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

COPE Galway Christmas Swim hits ‘The Big Screen’

Local business, EZ Living Furniture, promoting the COPE Galway Christmas Swim on their LED Screen on Tuam Road to help get the word out.

When Home becomes a Prison – Domestic Abuse in a Pandemic

You do not have to stay at home. You can leave. If you are ready and can safely do so, call us or call in, we are open 24/7.

We bring surplus food to those who need it – National Stop Food Waste Week

COPE Galway food rescue volunteers collect surplus food for redistribution all year. Marking National Stop Food Waste Week, 12-19 June.

Youth Homelessness in the West

The most up to date homeless figures (March 2019) detailed that there are 47 young people (18-24) homeless and living in emergency...

“If I were a stronger woman, he wouldn’t dare hit me…”

Our Domestic Abuse Service Manager, Dr Carol Baumann, writes about the strength and resilience of women who survive domestic abuse...

So what are we doing about this?!

  One in five women in Ireland will be abused by a partner at some point in their lives. One...

Pregnant women will never be abused

Credible statistics prove that it is a myth that pregnant women will never be abused and this should be treated as a fallacy.

Domestic violence only happens to poor people

  “Women from all backgrounds attend domestic violence services… Many of the women’s partners or spouses work in law, politics...