Our Resources

A range of resources from COPE Galway’s Homeless, Senior Support and Domestic Abuse Services.


Staying Safe, Getting Out

A safety planning leaflet for women experiencing domestic abuse. It contains advice on how to stay safe while ‘staying put’ and how to flee if in imminent danger.
Parenting Parenting After Domestic Abuse Book Cover

Parenting After Domestic Abuse and Violence

Useful guides and advice on how to mothers can help children who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse at home.

Good Food and Healthy Eating

Information, advice and recipes for older people living independently, their families and carers.

Community Lunch Club Toolkit

A “How to” toolkit for any community who want to set up a lunch club for older people.

Moving on – Now it’s my life

Well-being advice from women moving on from an abusive relationship

Children and Domestic Abuse information booklet

Access, separation and parenting issues in a domestic abuse context.

Keeping Connected

A guide to supporting older people to access resources for community groups.

My children thought it was a great idea. They like the fact that I get my meals delivered to the door; it would be difficult to organise it any other way. It’s important to have a decent meal some time in the day.

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Peter Finn with Community Catering team