Solas Óg Service

Children who come to the Domestic Abuse Service with their mothers have their own individual needs.

Solas Óg is the children and young people’s therapeutic support service delivered by COPE Galway Domestic Abuse Service.

Every child who has lived with domestic abuse is affected, and reacts differently. As such they each have unique needs and it is important that their needs are met.

At Solas Og children and young people have dedicated space and tools to process their experiences, and someone to support them along their journey.

Our children support workers provide one-to-one and group support for children and young people. They learn that they are not alone, there are other children with similar experiences and that it is okay and safe to talk.

Dedicated spaces in Modh Eile House

The Solas Óg Playroom in Modh Eile House is a space where children under 12 can engage in activities and supports such as therapeutic play, art, sensory work and more.

Solas Óg Youth Space is a dedicated space for young people aged 13+. It is a safe place where they can hang out, express themselves, just be and connect with other young people with similar experiences.

Our outreach team provide follow on support for children within their community, after they have left Modh Eile House.

What we offer

Group work. A joint support experience where children and young people can see that they are not alone and receive support.

One to one support. Solas Óg support workers provide individualised support to help children and young people.

Parenting supporting. Support workers meet with parents to help them explore parenting issues in relation to their experiences of domestic abuse.

Healthy relationships and dating abuse support. Young people under 25 years can avail of supports regarding their own relationships and age-appropriate one to one supports regarding experiences of domestic abuse within the home.

School workshops. We offer workshops to schools, Youthreach and other youth groups who would like to learn more about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

For free and confidential support Call our Domestic Abuse 24/7 Helpline