Community Support

Accessing Senior Support Services during COVID-19

COPE Galway Senior Services are current operating with Coronavirus Covid-19 prevention and social distancing measures in place. Clients, or anyone looking to access the services, are advised to first call the service if you need support.

We now have a helpline – 085 87 67 785, for older people in Galway who need practical support during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Community Support still available, but by phone only. Please call 085 87 67 785 if you need support.

Sonas Day Centre is open but with restricted hours and numbers. Please call 091 753 402 to find out first .

Lunch Clubs are not taking place until current restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to do so.

Community support for older residents

COPE Galway Community Support Workers support older people who live alone. The service is available in two residential communities. One in Galway City Centre and one in the east of the city.

Our support workers link in with older residents individually and collectively to identify and address the key issues that affect them, helping them access resources and to link with other groups and organisations in their area.

The overall aim of this project is to prevent social isolation, improve quality of life at home and promote healthy ageing through a community development approach.

Our Community Support Workers provide:

One to One Support
  • Providing practical supports such as shopping, form-filling and accessing information.
  • Providing information on health and well-being and linking with health care, housing and welfare providers.
  • Social and emotional support for people who are isolated and living alone through regular visits.
  • Promoting self advocacy with information and support and advocating on behalf of individuals when requested.
  • Increasing social networks by finding groups and activities for older people in the area, and providing a link to these groups.
Group Support
  • Our community support workers work with communities to create opportunities for residents to develop and take part in health promoting activities.
  • Organising classes, activities and information sessions with older people.
  • Assisting in the setting up of residents’ groups and supporting these groups to develop effectively.
  • Supporting community groups to apply for grants and make funding applications.
  • Linking communities and local agencies, services and volunteers.
  • Promoting advocacy with information and support and advocating on behalf of residents when agreed.

Support in setting up community Lunch Clubs

Our community worker helps community volunteers set up lunch clubs for older residents in their community. A lunch club provides a relaxed community space run by volunteers, where older people can meet, socialise and eat a healthy meal, as well as an opportunity for older people access to supports from neighbours and volunteers in their community. To date, they have helped set up 9 Lunch Clubs in Galway city and 3 in the county.

Find Community Lunch Clubs

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