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Watch the launch of the COPE Galway 2022 Annual Report.

Welcome to our 2022 Annual Report

At COPE Galway, we are dedicated to understanding and responding to the needs of people in our community who struggle with the challenges of homelessness and domestic abuse, and we support older people towards healthy and active ageing. 

In 2022, demand for our services stretched our resources to the maximum, yet the responsiveness and commitment of our people (our staff and volunteers), and the resilience of our clients never faded.  

Our annual report highlights the impact of some of the work we do and our responsiveness to some of the most pressing issues faced by so many in our community.

Our Vision

A community where every person is valued, cared for and supported at every stage of life.

Our Mission

Make a difference by empowering people, creating change and strengthening communities.

Our Impact in 2022

2,961 People

supported across our services


914 adults and 303 children supported by Homeless Services.


617 women and 226 children supported by Domestic Abuse Services.


Older people supported by Senior Support Services.

Homeless Service

It feels better having my own space. It’s a safe base. There’s a lot more positive in my life now. I see a better future now. I see there is a better life out there.”


Our Homeless Service supported 1,217 people in Galway who were homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.

Senior Support Service

I feel you’re always going to need to have young and old together to share and pass on different things. It really rejuvenates the community.”


COPE Galway Senior Support Service supported 901 older people towards healthy, independent ageing.

Domestic Abuse Service

They gave me full support and through that I feel confident to make the right choice, to take I feel confident to take the right path path in my life. I feel positive for what the future holds for me and my children.


Our Domestic Abuse Service supported 843 women and children in Galway who were impacted by domestic abuse.

Becoming a Trauma Informed Organisation

In 2021 we committed to becoming a Trauma Informed Organisation, and embrace Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) across our services. For COPE Galway, becoming a trauma informed organisation involved four key stages (see graph).

In 2022, we completed Stage one of our implementation plan, and by the year-end every single staff member had been offered TIP training and 120 team members had completed the training modules.

Our People

In 2022, demand for our services stretched our resources to the maximum. Yet the responsiveness and strength of Our People (staff and volunteers), and the resilience of the people we serve never waned. Our People demonstrated unwavering professionalism and dedication as they provided person-centred, trauma-informed and demand led services, even in emergency and crisis situations.




Volunteers. 31,330 hours 


Community Employment Participants

I love volunteering, I get more from it than I give, it provides me with a sense of purpose. I’ve made lots of lovely new friends and I meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life. I feel good because I am helping others and hopefully, I am making a difference too.”

Mary, Shop Volunteer

Our 2022 Income and Expenditure

Total Income


COPE Galway logo

Total Expenditure


2022 Annual Report & Audited Accounts

2022 COPE Galway Annual Report.

2022 COPE Galway Audited Accounts.

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