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We bring surplus food to those who need it - National Stop Food Waste Week

Photo: Andrew Downes, XPOSURE

National Stop Food Waste Week runs from 12th to 19th June this year. All year round, however, our team of food rescue volunteers is integral to the collection & redistribution of food from our retail partners. In partnership with Food Cloud, we have achieved 516 collections and saved 25,485kg of good food from going to waste!

One of our food rescue volunteers, Mary Fitzgerald speaks about the benefits of the food rescue network in Galway: “When so many are going hungry, it just makes sense to bring surplus food to those who need it rather than adding the ‘waste’ food to our overflowing landfills. COPE Galway has worked hard to build a network in Galway linking those food surpluses to those most in need. We are delighted to step into our role in the network every week – COPE Galway makes it easy to join the team and we would certainly encourage others to join in the effort, it’s so well-organised and enjoyable.”

The food, including fresh fruit, vegetables and chilled products, is redistributed through our services and offers food and cost savings benefits. One of our service managers speaks of its value to the people we work with: “Food donated has huge benefits, it is the practical support for our clients who are living in the community and have very limited income and may be at risk of food poverty.” (Mairead – Resettlement and Tenancy Support Team Manager).

COPE Galway’s food rescue initiatives ensure no food goes to waste from retail partners with surplus food in the community.

For more information, please contact our Community Catering Service on 091 700 800.