Meet Breda-Breda talks about her student placement at Sonas Day Centre

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Meet Breda-Breda talks about her student placement at Sonas Day Centre


As part of her BA in Social Care Practice, Breda joined our Senior Support Service on a 12-week placement. Breda filled us in on the highlights and major accomplishments of her time in this role.

I did my placement in Sonas Day Centre in Mervue. The staff were really welcoming and the clients were just amazing! There was a small crowd in Sonas every single day, and the clients were always keen to have chats and tell their stories, it was a really interesting experience

Early on in my placement I successfully applied for a grant from The Irish Hospice Foundation, and with the funds, developed a four-week-long art project on the theme of bereavement.

The project came at a really good time as many people had lost loved ones to Covid-19 and with Covid-19 restrictions the opportunity to attend funerals was taken away or restricted and people weren’t able to process their grief very well.

I worked with clients to develop the project, examining themes around death and grief, and then handed the project over to an art therapist, as I was finishing my placement just as the service users were starting the project.

I visited Sonas Day Centre recently and was really pleased to hear that the project was very successful.  Participants enjoyed taking part and found it helpful to examine the process of grief which had been so badly affected by pandemic restrictions.

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