How your school can get involved with COPE Galway

Inspire your class to make a difference in their community

Combine learning, with fun activities and inspire your class to engage and make a difference in their community.

Supporting COPE Galway gives your students different ways to connect with each other while also helping other children, families and individuals who need our services.

There are many ways to get involved. From doing virtual fundraisers, booking talks to learn about COPE Galway’s services and how your class can help those in need in Galway today.

Book a class talk

Would you like someone from COPE Galway to speak to your class or school?

We would love to have the opportunity to engage with your class using fun interactive live presentations and videos about the services we provide and the people we support in Galway. Our talk material is tailored to suit your class and is especially suitable for LCVP and Transition Year projects.

You can email Lynia O’Brien at to book a virtual or in-person talk when restrictions lift.

Your school charity

Choose COPE Galway as your school’s charity for the year.

Engage your students with our work and services throughout the school year with a mix of COPE Galway learning and fundraising activities. Together we can improve the lives of vulnerable children and families in the community.

We will provide speakers for your class or assembly, learning and fundraising resources and share stories of the difference you are making.

Rasing funds online for COPE Galway

It’s easy to set up a virtual fundraising page and start fundraising.

Set up your page

Fundraising platforms have easy-to-follow instructions to create a fundraising page, set a fundraising target and ask family and friends to support COPE Galway.

Spread the word

Share your page link with friends and family on social media, by email or text message. Tell everyone why you are fundraising and ask for donations.

Share updates

Post or send updates and photos on the progress of your fundraiser. Say thank you to everyone who donates for making a difference to the people who need our support.

Chose a platform

If you would like to learn more about our school resources and activities, fundraising or having a COPE Galway speaker for your school, please get in touch with our fundraising team.