International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating and recognising the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

At COPE Galway, we mark International Women’s Day to spotlight the resilience and empowerment of the women we work with and those who work with us – our clients, staff, volunteers and supporters.

The theme for the 2024 International Women’s Day campaign is ‘Inspire Inclusion’.

Creating a more inclusive community for women in Galway is crucial for fostering diversity and equality. We believe in building a supportive environment that embraces and celebrates the unique contributions of women, ensuring they have the opportunities and resources needed to lead fulfilling lives. Join us in championing change this International Women’s Day!


We asked some of our people what equity meant to them. Here are some of their responses.

We are joining the conversation on embracing equity. We want to truly understand the meaning of equity and how we can work together as a community to achieve equity. 

“Recognition of the contribution of women to the community and voluntary sector. Social care is a profession that has been driven and held up by women.”


“Equity means providing enough support to everybody so they have an equal opportunity to succeed. Some people might need a little bit more support that others to have the same chance at succeeding, and I believe equity does that.” – Ruth

“Equity means that each individual does not have the same circumstances that one size does not fit and all and we must provide people with different resources and opportunities to ensure that they can reach equal outcomes.” – Michael Smyth

“I think equity is a way we can achieve equality. I would see it as understanding the barriers facing disadvantaged groups and putting in place measures to address those and in that way working towards equality.” – Peter

“We recognise that our own clients need different levels of support, and this is something which we also must respond to. If we treated everyone ‘equally’, some clients would get more than they want or need, and others would get less and not live the fulfilling life, which we want all our clients to live!” – Ailbhe

“Equity for me is treating everyone with regard to their circumstances, their strengths and their needs instead of giving everyone equal treatment. It’s more giving everyone a fair chance.” – Manon

“It is important that we can recognise the specific struggles faced by women so that our services can offer the best possible support – Ní saoirse go saoirse na mban!” – Brona

“It’s important both as individuals and as a community, that we understand the difference between equality and equity. This means that instead of only offering women the same opportunities as men, we go that extra mile to support the women we work with to identify, then break down the barriers that prevent them from making those opportunities a reality” – Marie

“Equity means recognising that people are born with different abilities. That different people experience different circumstances. So it’s not about treating everybody the same, it’s recognising and appreciating that difference and providing people with support, resources and opportunity to ensure that everyone has the same outcome.” – Dave

“To be honest, I’ve only just learned what that word means but hopefully we’ve been doing it already. For me, equity is a sort of levelling up. From what I understand equality is giving people the same opportunities but equity is making sure people actually do have the same chances.” – Allison

“What equity means to me is recognising privilege and having an awareness that a person’s individual capacity is only one factor that determines their life outcomes. We see that here in the Resettlement service. There are so many factors that can either open doors for clients or close them.” – Margaret

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