Modh Eile House

New home for COPE Galway’s Domestic Abuse Service and Refuge

A larger, improved domestic abuse service and refuge for Galway

In 2018 COPE Galway Domestic Abuse Service provided support services for 457 women, including mothers with children. Due to limited facilities, we couldn’t provide accommodation for 169 women.

Our current service in Waterside House does not have enough capacity to meet the needs of the increasing number of women and children who are looking refuge and support. It can only house 6 women and 15 children at a time, in single room bedsit type rooms. It does not have on-site cooking facilities, play areas for children or wheelchair access.

There is an obvious need for a larger, fit for purpose, domestic abuse facility where women and children will have a place of safety away from the violence and abuse in their home.

COPE Galway is developing the convent on Forster Street into Modh Eile House, a new state of the art Domestic Abuse Service to support women and children in Galway and the wider western region.

Modh Eile House Appeal
We need your help to raise the remained €400,000 needed to complete Modh Eile House in 2019.

Make a donation and help create a safe place for women and children.

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Modh Eile House

COPE Galway’s vision is that Modh Eile will provide a safe space for women and children to rebuild their lives, free from domestic abuse and violence.

The redeveloped building will have;

  • A refuge with 9 self-contained apartments, with bedroom, bathroom, living and kitchen facilities, with the capacity to accommodate at least 9 women and 20 children.
  • A fit for purpose childcare unit with facilities and sufficient space to work with children ages 0 to 18 years.
  • One to one consultation rooms, a group meeting/training room and office space for outreach services.
  • Office, communal spaces and meeting rooms attached to the refuge to facilitate support work with women and children resident in the refuge.

The name “Modh Eile”, Irish for Another Way, was chosen by women who have experienced domestic abuse. They believe the name will give hope to other women to find a way to rebuild their lives and create a better future for their families after domestic abuse.

In Modh Eile House, women will have even better access to specialised support for themselves and their children. They will be able to cook for themselves and their children, ensure that their children continue to go to school and have a safe environment conducive to family life.

Children and teenagers will have a safe place to play, hang out, learn and grow. They will receive the specialised counselling and care they need to recover.