Go Purple Day 2022


#GoPurple this Friday, 29 April!

Support the #GoPurpleDay campaign on Friday 29th April and help raise awareness and funds for Domestic Abuse Services.

Go Purple Day is a joint initiative between An Garda Síochána and domestic abuse services nationwide, to raise awareness about domestic abuse and support local domestic abuse services.

Individuals, schools, groups, and businesses can wear something purple, bake purple, die their hair purple, light their buildings in purple or any other way they prefer to go purple.

This Friday, we are asking people in Galway to ‘Go Purple’ to support COPE Galway Domestic Abuse Service and work towards a community where everyone lives free from domestic abuse.

#GoPurple your way this Friday.

Wear purple, bake purple, share purple…

Share photos of you wearing purple or being purple on Go Purple Day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media platform you use and tell your friends and followers why a community free of domestic abuse is important to you.

Tag @COPEGalway, use #GoPurpleDay

Join the conversation

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Be more aware

Take some time to learn about domestic abuse, what supports are available and explore ways you can help create a community that supports people in abusive relationships and end domestic abuse.

If you are worried about someone you know and need advice on how to safely help her, contact our confidential helpline, 24/7 – 091 56 59 85.
Find out how you can safely help if you are concerned about someone you think may be in a relationship that is abusive or violent – Supporting someone else.

Domestic abuse is a crime

Living free from violence and abuse is a basic human right. No one should live in fear of abuse or violence, yet domestic abuse continues to impact and damage the lives of many women and children in our community.

Being in a relationship with someone does not mean you own them, that you can control them, that you can assault them – doing so is a crime.

We want Galway to become a community that sees domestic abuse as it is – a crime.
It is not a crime of passion – IT IS A CRIME!
It is not ‘just between the two of them’ – IT IS A CRIME!
It is not the case that ‘there’s a pair of them in it’ – IT IS A CRIME!
It is not ‘just a domestic’ – IT IS A CRIME!
It is never her fault – IT IS A CRIME!
It is never justified – IT IS A CRIME!
Domestic Abuse is a crime that continues when we remain silent.