Our Stories

Stories from our clients, supporters, volunteers, staff and all who are part of the COPE Galway community.

Homework and Learning Club Volunteers, Dolores, Michael & Eliosha

The Homework and Learning Club gives children living in emergency accommodation and B&Bs a place to study and spend time after school.

The people I meet and the service provided motivate me to keep volunteering!

When I picked COPE Galway as the charity I would volunteer with, I needed something to keep me busy and active.

We’re Safe. We’re Going To Be Okay – Gillian’s Journey #5

Three months on, I sleep better. The service helped me to see that it was my strength that has made me face up to this.

I don’t know what happens next, I don’t know how to fix this – Gillian’s Journey #4

‘I want it to stop, I want to disappear’. With these words from Jake I decide to call again. I can’t bear his pain and my own.

This can’t be happening to me – Gillian’s Journey #3

‘I could not believe this was happening to me, it can’t be true, he loves me and I love him.’ ...

I think I’m fine – but what about the kids? – Gillian’s Journey #2

My children are everything. I make sure they have good routines – good play time, lots of outdoors, good diet...

This isn’t abuse…is it? – Gillian’s Journey #1

“As I listen to the radio, I go into a trance, hearing this woman talk about her relationship with her partner.

Our Stories – Volunteer Life Coach, Brendan Coyne

Brendan Coyne has been a life coach with COPE Galway since last September. He meets with clients to help individuals...

Darragh’s Story – The less visible victim of domestic abuse

COPE Galway works with teenage boys and girls, offering one-to-one or group support and helping them find a safe space to think, to breathe, to be.

Sleeping in a tent was a wake-up call – Michael’s Story

Michael had been sleeping in a tent for three weeks, unaware of the services available to him before he got support from our Homeless Service.

Sorcha and Michael – Helping Hands at Home

Sorcha and American retiree Michael struck up a friendship through our Helping Hands at Home project which connects older clients with volunteers.

Phil, Kathleen & Dave – Lunch Club Volunteers

Hailing from Boston, Mayo and Sligo, these three COPE Galway  volunteers come together each Thursday to help run the Mervue...