FEAD Programme

Partnering with the EU FEAD programme to provide food to people most at risk of food poverty.

The FEAD programme is an EU-wide programme to help people take their first steps out of poverty and social exclusion.

The programme provides dry foodstuff to families and individuals struggling to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life due to lack of financial resources.

The food items consist of basic, non-perishable foods which are easy to transport and store. This includes rice, pasta and pasta sauce, soups, canned fish, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, canned vegetables and breakfast cereals.

FEAD Ireland is by European and Irish exchequer funding. The Department of Social Protection is the managing authority of FEAD in Ireland, and also responsible for its implementation.

The FEAD programme has proved an invaluable resource that COPE Galway accesses for clients – families as well as individual men and women – across our homeless, domestic abuse and senior support services.