Community Catering FAQs

Our Meals on Wheels Service

Some answers to common question about our Community Catering Meals on Wheels Service. You can also call our team on 091 700 800 and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Please read our FAQ's

The service is available to any older person who wants /needs a home-delivered meal. Whilst the service is mainly used by older people we also support younger people who have a nutritional need and that cannot meet that need themselves. For example; people undergoing treatment for cancer, people recovering from an illness, adults with an intellectual or a physical disability.  If you or someone you are caring for could benefit from the service please call and discuss it with our staff.

Yes you can and we encourage people to do this. We can arrange for a meal to be sent out to you and then you can decide if you would like to continue with the service.

Across Galway city and parts of Oranmore/Maree and Claregalway.

It costs €7 for a soup & main course or main course & dessert.

We have lots of options as to how you can pay. You can:

You will get a receipt for all your payments and a monthly statement.

Yes you can refer yourself by calling 091 700800 & talking to staff. Staff will go through some basic questions with you; age, address, contact details, next of kin, meal preferences, likes & dislikes, any medically related dietary requirements, preferred payment method etc. Your public health nurse, GP, or the hospital can also make the referral as can a family member or carer.

We don’t have a waiting list. If you call us you can come on service the next day.

We offer a wide choice of meal options and we cater for a range of medically related dietary requirements and texture modified meals.

We do have ethnic dishes; curry’s, pasta and rice dishes. We also offer vegetarian options and have a fish dish available daily.

Our meals are delivered chilled so you can heat them up at a time you prefer to eat. And that means you can enjoy them whenever it suits you. Meals are made fresh each day & blast chilled. This method ensures food safety and maintains the nutritional value at the highest level.

If you are not in when our driver calls there are a couple of options. When you come on service we will ask you if there is a neighbour/family nearby where we can deliver the meal. Alternatively, if you have a lock box our driver can leave your meal in your fridge. The other option is to have a couple of dinners delivered at a time – ensuring one for the next day. To ensure food safety meals can’t be left on windowsills/porches etc.

People use our service as they need or want to. That can be every day, a couple of days per week or for a short period of time following an illness or when family or a carer is away. We understand that needs change over time so our service is flexible.

The service is available even if an older person cannot afford it. We offer reduced cost meals, or in a small number of cases we will cover the full cost of meals where someone cannot pay but needs nutritional support and cannot manage this themselves or where they have no support available to them. This is assessed on a case by case basis and is usually done in consultation with the older person’s social worker.