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COPE Galway is Recognised for Best Practice in Volunteering

COPE Galway has achieved a national quality standard in volunteer management and is proud to celebrate becoming an Investing in Volunteers (IiV) achiever – a first for the West of Ireland. The local charity’s volunteers will come together at an event to accept the award from Volunteer Ireland at 6.30pm on Thursday, 24th January at the Galway City Museum.

Terri O’Brien, Volunteer Ireland Quality and Programmes Manager said, “COPE Galway have demonstrated a real commitment to volunteering and proven that their volunteer management policies and procedures meet nationally recognised standards.”

Lucia Canavan, COPE Galway’s Volunteer Co-ordinator said, “Our volunteers give so much to our organisation and we want to continuously improve each volunteer’s experience with us. The audit procedure for this award was a valuable journey for us all at COPE Galway over the past year. We now have simplified processes to become a volunteer from the application, interview, induction and orientation stages, to ongoing support and volunteer feedback sessions as well as recognising the invaluable contribution each of our 220 volunteers makes to our organisation across all of our services. With this enhanced Volunteer Programme, we hope to make the experience of volunteering with us the best possible.”

COPE Galway CEO, Jacquie Horan added, “This award is important to us as it publically demonstrates our commitment to making the volunteering experience within COPE Galway the “Best in the West”. We are offered assistance across all our services for Homelessness, Domestic Violence and for Older People, as well as at our Charity Shop and our events. We simply couldn’t do the work we do without our ‘Tribe’ of exceptional COPE Galway volunteers and for that we are very grateful.”

Senan Quain volunteers with the COPE Galway Charity Shop. He believes volunteering with the local charity in any capacity is worthwhile. “Whether it’s in the Lunch Clubs, the Shop, Community Catering … you’re going to be working in an environment with people who are kind. There’s always camaraderie and good fun, but you’re also doing something for the people of Galway and that’s the most important thing.”

Investing in Volunteers is delivered in the Republic of Ireland by Volunteer Ireland in partnership with Volunteer Now in Northern Ireland. The only standard quality mark to focus on volunteers, it is based on four areas of volunteer management: planning for volunteer involvement, recruiting volunteers, selecting and matching volunteers and supporting and retaining volunteers. COPE Galway was assessed against a range of best practice standards in August 2018. The audit involved meeting with over 30 volunteers, Board Members and Staff. COPE Galway proved to excel in all aspects of working with its volunteers and attained its quality mark standard on 28th October 2018.

If you would like to volunteer with COPE Galway, visit or contact Lucia Canavan, Volunteer Coordinator at . Telephone 091-778750.


Senan Quain COPE Galway Volunteer

Photo of Senan Quain, mentioned in news release.


Senan Quain, one of COPE Galway’s 220-strong team of volunteers who offer help across the organisation’s services for Homelessness, Domestic Abuse and Senior Support. The local charity will be accepting an award from Volunteer Ireland for achieving a national quality standard in volunteer management, Investing in Volunteers, at an event at the Galway City Museum on Thursday, 24th January.

Note to editors:

A selection of interviews conducted with volunteers and photos are available if you wish to include with this release – please contact Colette Coughlan – 091 778750.

COPE Galway is a local Galway Organisation whose vision is an “Improved Quality of Life in a Home of your Own” for people affected by homelessness, women and children experiencing domestic abuse, and older people. The Charity offers multiple volunteering positions across its services in over 30 roles.   From meal delivery drivers, food rescuers, kitchen assistants and cookery tutors, to positions as a befriender or playroom support, a shop assistant or a musician; helping out at the Day Centre & Lunch Clubs, or with administration and more.  The organisation also has people who help out on an occasional basis at fundraising events and on short term corporate Helping Hands Projects, which offer a team-building helping hand to services to get practical work done, such as painting a client’s home; planting gardens or washing windows.

For further information about the Investing in Volunteers Standard programme please contact Volunteer Ireland on or visit

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