COPE Galway News

29 October 2020

Galway Business Leaders to Sleep Rough for 9th Annual COPE Galway Sleepout

It is with the continued support of Galway’s business leaders that we can provide men, women and children with the support and advice they need to have a safe warm place to sleep”

5 October 2020

Budget 2021: “Build on the positives and address shortcomings”, says COPE Galway

COPE Galway has set out a range of measures for inclusion in Budget 2021 in their pre-budget submission to the...

28 September 2020

“Still as mischievous and interested and sparky as we always were”

Galway agencies come together during #PositiveAgeingWeek to celebrate the enormous contribution of older people to our family life, our neighbourhoods and our communities.

29 June 2020

COPE Galway Supported 2,984 People Across its Services in Galway in 2019

UN Special Rapporteur on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, Professor Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, has warned of the dangers of diminishing the autonomy and dignity of people as we age.

27 May 2020

COPE Galway Launch #HelpingGalwayCope Campaign

COPE Galway launch #HelpingGalwayCope campaign. The campaign asks people to post a favourite image of Galway on social media and make a donation, as a way to raise funds for vital support services in Galway.

14 April 2020

COPE Galway Welcomes New National Awareness Campaign on Domestic Abuse

New awareness campaign on domestic abuse comes at a critical time for women and children who may be confined and isolated with their abuser in Galway City and in towns and town lands across the County.

1 April 2020

COPE Galway Issues Urgent Appeal During Coronavirus Response as Services Continue to Operate Throughout the Crisis

COPE Galway has issued an urgent appeal to the people of Galway to help the local organisation support the most vulnerable people in our community during the Coronavirus Emergency.

23 March 2020

COPE Galway Today Launches Local Practical Helpline – 085 87 67 785 – for Older People

COPE Galway is reaching out to older people in Galway, encouraging them to look after themselves and to let their community help during the COVID-19 crisis.

11 March 2020

COVID-19 Measures for Homeless Services – COPE Galway

COPE Galway is working with Galway City Council, the HSE and other service providers to put contingencies in place in response to COVID-19

8 February 2020

Election 2020 – You now have an opportunity to make a real difference in addressing the housing shortage and homelessness crisis, Martin O’Connor

Think about those for whom the election outcome will help determine when they will have a place to call home.

27 January 2020

COPE Galway Urges Voters to Ensure Candidates Commit to a Fairer Society

COPE Galway has written to Election 2020 candidates for Galway West and Galway East constituencies seeking their commitment to work...

2 January 2020

A message of thanks from COPE Galway and reflection on 2019

Jacquie Horan, CEO COPE Galway – End of year review 2019 As we begin a new year and decade, COPE...