Virtual Fundraising

Everything you need for your fun virtual fundraiser

Stay active and raise funds for COPE Galway

Virtual fundraisers are a fantastic way to connect with family and friends and stay active while also helping people in the community who need our support.

Whether you are doing video meet ups, staying active or getting fit, when you fundraise for COPE Galway, you are helping ensure we can continue to support the people who need homeless, domestic abuse and older people services, especially during Covid-19 crisis.

Getting started is easy. Choose your fundraiser, create your fundraising page on Facebook, JustGiving or iDonate. Then spread the word.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some fundraising ideas.
Choose your platform and start fundraising

‘Keep Active’ Challenges

Got a fitness or stay active goal? Do your walking, running, fitness or other activity as a fundraiser, set a challenging goal and ask family and friends to sponsor you. It’s a sure way to make a difference for yourself and others who need support.

Get the kids involved

Doing a family activity fundraiser will keep your children active, connected and entertained. Could be a walking, skipping, running, cycling, hula-hoops or other activity, challenge or competition. And you can do it with your family or with other families.

Personal lockdown challenge

Grow a beard, cut your own hair, learn a new skill or give up a habit or favourite treat. Do it on your own, as a family or as part of a team. You can ask for sponsorship or donate the money you would have spent on what you gave up.

Your Birthday Celebration!

If you have a birthday coming up, hold a virtual party, set up a birthday fundraiser and invite family and friends to make a donation to COPE Galway instead of bringing gifts and cards.

Share your skills

Have a skill to share? Yoga, Pilates, fitness, cooking, baking or arts and crafts? Hold virtual or live sessions during lockdown and ask those who want to attend for donation.

Raising funds online for COPE Galway

It's easy to set up a virtual fundraising page and start fundraising.

Set up your page

Fundraising platforms have easy-to-follow instructions to create a fundraising page, set a fundraising target and ask family and friends to support COPE Galway.

Spread the word

Share your page link with friends and family on social media, by email or text message. Tell everyone why you are fundraising and ask for donations.

Share updates

Post or send updates and photos on the progress of your fundraiser. Say thank you to everyone who donates for making a difference to the people who need our support.

Chose a platform

Contact our Fundraising Team

Talk to us about your fundraising event and find out how we can support you. Call, email or send us a message.

 Phone: 091 778 750 or 085 859 7898.  Email:

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Make a donation today

Your donation will help provide vital support services for people who are homeless, women facing domestic abuse and older people in our community.