Give it SOCKS Challenge

Whatever your challenge goal. How and when you achieve it is up to you. Just give it socks!

Take on a challenge and give it socks!

What do you prefer to do to stay active? Walking, running, swimming, cycling, squats, burbs, push ups or something else?

Choose a your activity, set yourself a goal that will challenge you and #GiveItSOCKS this April to support COPE Galway.

Everyday our services do all they can to support people who are facing challenges of homelessness, experiencing domestic abuse and to support older people in our community. Will you “Give it Socks” with us for people in Galway?

Sign up and #GiveItSOCKS

Pick your challenge. Run, walk, swim, cycle, any forward movement!
Set your goal. 100k steps. A swim a day. Daily run.
Fundraise. As friends and family to support by donating.
Have fun and see it through. Don’t give up. Get to your ‘finish line’ knowing you are doing something great for yourself and helping someone else who needs support.


People supported by our Homeless Services


People supported by our Senior Support Services


Women supported by our Domestic Abuse Services

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