COPE Galway Tribe.

Join our tribe of monthly donors and make a real, lasting difference for the people who need our services.

Your monthly donation will change lives

Each month, COPE Galway Tribe of monthly donors make a real, lasting difference to families, men, women and children in Galway who need support.

Your monthly donation ensures that we can provide vital supports and services at any time, throughout the year. Your support means when people who are facing homelessness, domestic abuse or need senior support services, we are there to support them.

We can only do this through the support of individuals like you. Become a tribe member today.

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How your monthly donation helps?

Your monthly donations allow us to plan in advance, and deliver ongoing supports that have life-changing impacts on the people access our services.

€10 a month

or 32c a day

could help provide meals for an older person who is living alone

€15 a month

or 50c a day

could provide emergency clothes and toiletries for a woman in our refuge

€21 a month

or 70c a day

could help a family move on from emergency accommodation into a home of their own


Homeless Service
Families, men, women and children who are homeless


Domestic Abuse Service
Women, and their children, experiencing domestic abuse


Senior Support Service
Social and Nutritional support for older people

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