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He only hits me when the children are in bed – they know nothing about it

When abuse occurs at home, children are very much aware of what is happening and will be affected by this.

Can he be a good father if he’s abusive to me, his partner?

When a father is a perpetrator of domestic abuse and violence, it will affect his parenting in a negative way.

An abused woman must like the abuse – otherwise she’d leave him.

There are many reasons why a woman does not or cannot leave in abusive relationships but none of them includes ‘liking’ the abuse.

There’s Two of Them in It

Yes. There are two people in an abusive relationship - the ‘abuser’ and the partner who is the ‘victim’ of that abuse.

The children are fine – he’s never laid a finger on them

A child who sees his mother being abused will be affected in different ways even if he is not directly abused.

I’m a Strong Woman – No Man Will Ever Abuse Me

Nobody goes into a relationship wanting to be abused. Everyone hopes for the fairy-tale ending...

He wants to know where I am all the time – he loves me so much

There is a point where your partner does not do it because he loves you.  He does it because he needs to control you.

Is this abuse? – our Domestic Abuse Service on questions to ask

"Is this abuse?" - Our Domestic Abuse Service on questions to ask if a woman feels her relationship may be abusive.

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