Client Involvement

Client Involvement

We are committed to involving our clients in the development and delivery of services in as many ways as possible.

A number of clients use are using their experience, skills and knowledge to help guide and improve the services and support COPE Galway offers. They help us deliver services that are best suited to meet the needs of the people who avail of them.

As well as making our services better, client involvement gives clients an opportunity to interact with other people, have fun, feel valued and build self-confidence.

We greatly value and appreciate the contribution of our clients.

It is heartening to see real and meaningful changes happening in the way we work as a result of these contributions from our clients.

How we involve our clients
  • The‘ Voice of COPE Galway’ client forum had an input in the COPE Galway website, our strategic plan, key working support and social activities.They also reviewed a number of service policies and contributed to the content in client information booklets.
  • The Domestic Violence services“ SURF” forum had an input in the content for the service leaflets for parents and children, a training video for GPs and awareness and education pack for secondary schools.  They also had an input in the strategic plan for Waterside House and the domestic violence website.


  • Volunteering opportunities for clients in our Charity Shop and Community Catering service.
  • We have an Involvement Organisational Committee.
  • Our Board of Management includes two client representatives.