Annual Reports & Accounts

COPE Galway 2017 Annual Report

Our annual report gives an overview of the work we do, and the impact it has across our Homeless, Domestic Abuse and Senior Support Services.

We also share stories from some of the people who we have been privileged to join on a stage of their life’s journey.

Watch Sean’s Story

In this video, Sean gives a poignant and moving account of his experience living in COPE Galway’s Waterside House Domestic Abuse Refuge.

Watch Sean’s Story – COPE Galway 2017 Annual Report Launch from COPE Galway on Vimeo.

An overview of our impact in 2017

  • Our Homeless Services worked with 695 single people and 242 families, including 576 children who were homeless, or at risk of homelessness.
  • Domestic Abuse Service supported 339 women with 214 children who were experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Community Catering prepared and delivered 41,432 meals to older people in their homes, and catered 8,360 meals for community lunch clubs.

To all our supporters, partners and funders who worked together with us to support Galway’s most isolated and vulnerable men, women and children – THANK YOU.

Where our money comes from

In 2017 we received €5.2m in institutional funding and donations. 71% of our funding was from statutory bodies, and 29% from fundraising, donations, grants and other income.

How our money is spent

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