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COPE Galway 2018 Annual Report

Our annual report gives an overview of the outcomes and impact of our work in Galway.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of our supporters in the community, our donors, and the work of our volunteers and staff, COPE Galway:

  • Supported over 2,500 adults in Galway (plus their children) across our homeless, domestic abuse and senior support services.
  • Produced and delivered 59,053 meals to older clients and for our services around Galway.
  • Began the process to complete the redevelopment of Modh Eile House by the end of 2019.

Read the 2018 COPE Galway Annual Report for details of our work and inspiring stories from some of the people we supported.

Thank you! We simply couldn’t continue our work without your support.

Our impact is about improving the lives of people in our community

Homeless services impact in 2018

Individuals and families affected by homelessness

COPE Galway domestic abuse impact in 2018

Women and children experiencing domestic abuse

Number of people COPE Galway senior support services helped in 2018

Older people in need of nutritional and social support

COPE Galway 2018 Annual Report - Our Impact


COPE Galway works at the heart of the community in Galway.

Thank you to Pádraic Breathnach, Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill, Padraic Mannion and Harry Wall for participating in this video.

Our funding and expenditure

In 2018, COPE Galway received €6 million from institutional funding, grants, fundraising and donations. Here's an overview of our funding and expenditure. Detailed accounts are in our financial accounts and annual report.

Where our funding comes from

How our funding is spent

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