Client Involvement

COPE Galway value the involvement of our clients in assisting us to deliver the best services which are suited to the needs of those who avail of them. A number of people who have availed of services are now offering their ideas, guidance and suggestions on how to improve across a whole array of areas.

A forum linked to our Domestic Violence services “SURF” have had an input into the following areas in 2012:

Leaflet for parents

A leaflet for women on dealing with custody and access issues and supporting children who have experienced domestic violence situations has been developed.

Leaflet for children

An information leaflet raising awareness of the effects on children and how to support them has been developed.

Secondary Schools Awareness Education

Two products have been developed for the education sessions for schools: a small card type information booklet and wrist bands for teenagers. SURF members viewed the pack and gave feedback.


The outline of the web pages for COPE Galway Domestic Violence services have been developed.

GP Training

A training video has been prepared for working with GPs on the subject of domestic violence.

Strategic Plan for Waterside House and COPE Galway

The forum has had an input into both these plans and met with the consultants who were helping formulate the next three year plan for COPE Galway.

Another forum “Voice of COPE Galway” have had input into our range of supports for people experiencing homelessness.

Strategic Plan

The forum met with the consultants who were helping formulate the next three year plan for COPE Galway.
The term service user has been changed to client as a result of the  suggestion of the forum.

Key workers/Support

The forum has worked over the course of the past six months to examine the way in which key working/support services currently work and might change in the future. A new support contact post has been proposed to be available for clients who wish to discuss any issues regarding the key worker relationship especially any concerns they have.

Social Activities

A volunteer social activities coordinator was recruited following suggestions from the forum and has arranged several nights out as well as a trip to the Open Cinema in Dublin.

Contact has been made with the Heuston Film School about making a film with anyone interested

A number of policies were reviewed and changes suggested such as a Charter of Rights, a client information booklet, and a service provision evaluation questionnaire.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in both Forums, and it is very heartening to see real and meaningful changes happening in the way we work as a result of these contributions.

Thanks also to Patricia MacAdoo who has been very generous with her time and expertise in assisting the Forums with their work.

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